The Etiquette Of Wife Sharing

Invitations to swingers clubs usually extend to couples, unaccompanied females, and selected unaccompanied males. People from all races, religions, and backgrounds attend swingers clubs. Wife sharing activities vary from full swaps to group sex. Swingers clubs are very strict about etiquette. All parties must consent to any form of sexual activity. If you are trying out an open relationship for the first time, you may want to do a soft swap to test the waters of group sex. Swingers commonly meet through lifestyle magazines, personal ads, and internet sights devoted to wife sharing. If you and your swinger wife choose to do so, you may even throw your own swinging party!

Keep in mind that an open relationship is somewhat different from the swinger lifestyle. Swingers are devoted to their partners in love, but choose to share them when it comes to sex. An open relationship is a blanket term that leaves both parties open to spiritual, physical, and intimate connections.

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