Wife Sharing: A History

The first documented wife sharing began in ancient Rome, where sex sharing and other alternative sex practices were first being explored. In the United States, wife sharing did not reach the mainstream until the 1950’s. American military communities brought back the concept of wife sharing from over seas. The American media got wind of the practice and dubbed it “wife-swapping.” As taboo as it seemed at the time, knowledge of adult swingers began to inspire people to act on their sex fantasies.

In the 1960’s, adult swingers in Berkeley California formed the Sexual Freedom League. Now known as NASCA International, the organization began to bring swinging couples together from around the world. By forming a strong group of sex sharing couples, the group began to entertain the sex fantasies of thousands of people.

Swinging couples stray from the commonplace traditional marriages found throughout the West. Adult swingers clubs can be located in every major city in the United States. It is widely known that most marriages end in divorce, but swinging couples survive by living out their sex fantasies together. By leaving all affairs out in the open, couples have very little to hide from each other.

Sex sharing opens a window to exotic opportunities that you and your partner may have never experienced before. It truly is no wonder that civilizations have been practicing wife sharing for centuries!

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